Tip of the Month: Sturdy Holders Ideal for Industrial Settings

Work environments like factories or mechanic shops are messier then typical office settings, making it difficult to keep documents protected. Although these conditions may pose more risks due to the dirt and other elements paperwork can be exposed to, it does not mean that employees can’t still be organized.

Shop ticket holders, also commonly referred to as job ticket holders, have the ability to withstand these tough conditions due to the super heavyweight vinyl material that holders are made from.

Earlier this year, C-Line released an even more durable version of the holders. The Super Heavyweight Plus Shop Ticket Holders are comprised of heavy duty material with features that make it the ultimate organizational tool to utilize in industrial environments.

Check out the features of these holders to see why we highly recommend incorporating them into your shop or factory today!

  • Assorted Colors: Available in an assortment of Blue, Green, Red and Black, the bright outer edges of the holder allow individuals to organize work orders based on the colored edges.
  • Triple Eyelets: Three eyelets are located at the top, making it possible to hang the holder in a variety of ways.
  • Reinforced Edging: The header, located at the top of the holder, is where the eyelets are located. The reinforced material protects it from tearing while it is being hung.
  • Stitched Edging: To withstand the rough conditions of industrial environment, the stitched edging helps prolong the lifespan of the holder.
  • Heavy Duty Vinyl: Both sides of the holder are made of clear vinyl, keeping the 8-1/2” x 11” document visible and protected inside the job ticket holder.
C-Line's Heavy Duty Super Heavyweight Plus Stitched Shop Ticket Holder, AssortedBright outer edges help make documents stand-out when they are being stored inside the Super Heavyweight Plus Shop Ticket Holders.

For more details on this holder, check out this product video here!

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