Tip of the Month: Traditional Lanyards Still Valuable Supply

When it comes to using office products, sometimes it is best to go back to the basics and incorporate the use of some traditional supplies.

Traditional supplies like a sheet protector or a name badge have been around for quite some time and continue to be beneficial in the home or office. Lanyards are another great item that is economical, durable and serves a variety of purposes.

The Standard Lanyards are available in black, blue and red. Here are a few examples of situations that C-Line’s lanyards could be a valuable tool to have on-hand.

  • Need to display your ID badge while at work? The round woven nylon material makes the lanyard a comfortable solution that keeps the badge visible throughout the day.
  • Can’t find your keys in your briefcase or purse? Attach your key ring to the swivel hook, making your keys much more detectable since the long, 36” lanyard is attached to it.
  • Deciding how to display your daily parking pass? Avoid permanently adhering something to your vehicle by placing the lanyard around your mirror to promptly display the pass without causing damage.

See how even the most simplistic of items can be a valuable solution!

C-Line's Standard LanyardsThe standard lanyard is made up of round woven nylon making it comfortable when stored around the neck.

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