Tip of the Month: Use Project Folders for Stress-Free Holiday Season

Organization may seem like the furthest thing from your mind during the hectic holiday season, but I find that being organized has helped me to enjoy this time of year even more so. Keeping event dates, guest lists and tracking gift purchases is an important part of making it out of holiday season in one piece.

The Multi-Section Project Folders are a must-have item this time of year. The folder is made up of durable polypropylene so it helps to protect the letter-size documents stored inside.

The folder makes it possible to create sections and keep documents in order while being stored in one place. There are two dividers inside the folder, which create three individual sections. The dividers can be clear, a blue/aqua combination or a pink/purple combination, which are all available in the assorted pack.

C-Line's Multi-Section Project Folders, AssortedThe dividers help to organize holiday invitations and guests lists in one compact space.

Depending on how busy my holiday season is, I either use one folder for the entire season or create one for the month of November and another for December. Inside the folder, I will divide up my holiday material into three sections.

Last year, the first section held event invitations and the second pocket stored information for the event I was hosting, such as a guest list, menu options and invitations. The third and final section stored my list of individuals I needed to buy gifts for, in addition to ideas for gifts that I had printed out.

Get prepared for holiday season by being more organized in your approach this time around!

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