Tip of the Month: Use the Wooden Name Badge Holder to Display Postcards

Do you have a family member, friend or loved one always traveling and sending postcards sharing highlights from their trips? Proudly display these memories by using C-Line’s Wooden Name Badge Holder to show off your collection of post cards.

Although designed to organize 4” x 3” name badges for meetings and other events, the wooden holder is versatile in its function. With 40 angled slots for convenient viewing and accessibility, this holder provides great presentation of the postcard collection.

Name Badges and HoldersThe Wooden Name Badge Holder proudly displays the collection of postcards.

The Name Badge Holder has a beautiful oak finish, allowing it to fit into any type of décor. It’s the ideal holder for desktop placement. The badge holder can be used at home, school, the office or any flat surface available to display your postcard collection.

If you or someone close to you has the travel bug and want to avoid storing postcards in a binder or box, C-Line’s Wooden Name Badge Holder is the optimal option for you.

Let us know how you use C-Line’s Wooden Name Badge Holder in the comments below!

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