To-Do Dry Erase List Saves on Paper Waste

I’m a list maker, no doubt about it. I organize my goals for the week by listing what tasks need to be completed, and as new jobs come my way, they go right on the list. Even though I know what I have on my plate at any given time, keeping a list is a visual reminder and safe guard so nothing is forgotten.

As each week passed, I found myself going through a lot of paper as I updated my To-Do list and tracked the progress. I thought of other ways I could list my weekly goals without wasting so many sheets of paper.

Fortunately, I thought of C-Line’s Self Stick Dry Erase Sheets. By using these, I would still be able to keep my list visible, but reuse the page, ultimately eliminating any waste. I decided to use the letter size sheets, since they would fit best on the cabinet door.

Before I attached the dry erase sheet to the door, I decided to use the Template Gallery to help me create a To-Do List layout. Once I printed the document directly on the page, it was ready to be used.

Now, I simply update the list every Monday and check items off as they are completed.

What do you think of my dry erase to-do list? What would you use the dry erase sheet for? Share with us your thoughts below?

C-Line's Peel & Stick Dry Erase SheetsI use low-odor dry erase markers to ensure that the ink wipes off the dry erase sheet.

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