Top loading sheet protectors help college students stay organized

Recently, I visited my brother at his university in Iowa. While there, I visited the school bookstore to pick up a sweatshirt.  And low and behold, while there, I discovered they sold our top loading sheet protector. This was a huge surprise to me, even though I am not that far removed from those years.

The stereotype suggests that college students are slackers, just out to find the next party or other distraction from academics.  They are never organized and frequently show up to classes in their pajamas. I had this label while I was going to college and although I did show up to a few classes in attire that may not have been office-appropriate (I loved my DePaul sweatshirt), I was always organized.  I’m sure the businessman next to me on the train never thought that, but it was the truth.

When I brought the item to Brad’s attention, he said he and lots of his friends use the page protectors to organize their course binders. Sometimes professors hand out pages that have been previously three-hole punched and sometimes they don’t, so the use of a binder with page protectors is the best solution to remaining organized. And the polypropylene protectors provide durable construction for the busy college student.

In addition to the common poly sheet protector, I also came across packs of tabbed sheet protectors. “I sometimes use those for when I don’t have a lot of notes for a few classes. That way, I keep the papers separate, but don’t need to shell out extra money for more binders. I am a college student after all, ” said Brad about his use of the tabbed item.

Students stay organized with top loading sheet protectors

Packs of poly sheet protectors, without and without tabs, are widely used by college students to keep their many papers in order.

I guess college students are more organized that most people give them credit for. Who would have thought?!?

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