Transparency Film Useful Supply for Handcrafted Greeting Cards

At C-Line, we are fortunate to have many employees that are creative and crafty by nature. Many individuals like to incorporate C-Line items into their projects whenever they can find a use for them.

Recently, a co-worker approached me about a unique way she utilized the Laser Printer Transparency Film will handcrafting her own greeting cards. Before I even describe how it was used, it is probably best to take a look first.

C-Line's Laser Printer Transparency FilmPay close attention to the flying butterflies that you see when the greeting card is opened.

The image displays the inside of the greeting card. The detail on the card is incredible, and yet she did not stop there. My co-worker took it a step further and made the butterflies look as though they were flying in the air once the card is open.

When constructing the card, she knew that she would have to use a sturdy, heavyweight material to hold up the paper butterflies. Additionally, the material had to be clear to ensure it would not standout too much.

The Laser Printer Transparency Film ended up being the perfect product to utilize. Her supplies help to cut the letter-size sheet of film to the appropriate size. The material was able to handle the weight of the card stock, so it stood upright and did not bend.

The color of the transparency film was another feature that made my co-worker pick this product to use. It was so transparent that you can almost not even see it on the image I took of the card.

And that’s another unique, creative way to use a C-Line product! Have you utilized our products in any non-conventional ways? Share with us your experience below.

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