Trend Alert: 3-Ring Binders Store Unbound Textbook Pages

Learning about trends within the marketplace is always an interesting and valuable piece of information to know. During a recent meeting, one of C-Line’s key account managers shed light on an increasingly popular item in the college market.

As students look for ways to cut back on the overall cost of attending college, more bookstores have been able to offer a cheaper alternative to textbooks. Unbound, three-hole punched “books” have become the latest way for students to reduce the burden of textbook expenses.

Since the shrink wrapped pages are pre-punched, C-Line has the ideal storage option for them. The 3-Ring Poly Binders, which come in 1” and 1-1/2″ sizes, allow for students to bind and secure the pages in a matter of seconds.

C-Line's 3-Ring BinderHere is a Pearson unbound Psychology textbook in one of C-Line’s 3-Ring Binders.

The binders come in an assortment of four colors, making it easy to use color coding as an organizational tool. For example, a student may choose to store their COMM101 textbook pages in an aqua binder. As the semester goes on, various handouts and assignment can get passed back. If an individual wants to keep additional course information separate from the text, they can use the matching aqua Two-Pocket Heavyweight Poly Portfolio Folders.

C-Line’s 3-Ring Binders have proved popular with students and college bookstores stores alike.

“We have received a lot of positive feedback about our binders,” said Don Sinclair, National Key Accounts Manager at C-Line. “Not only do the students love the quality of them, but college bookstores appreciate the unique, space saving way that the binders are packaged by C-Line.”

The heavyweight poly binders can potentially be reused for future semesters. In addition, students can utilize some of C-Line’s binder accessories in order to sort and store other paperwork.

Although the binder has an interior pocket on the back cover, using a binder pocket can allow an individual to store more documents, while still keeping it separate from the textbook pages. Also, index tabs could be helpful in identifying chapters and other important sections of the text.

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