Turn Chaos, into Organization, with Self-Adhesive Labeling Pockets

Do you have a few storage tubs or bins (defined as, more than one, less than what might fill a football field) in your basement that contain everything from old clothes that were stylish circa 1980 but might come back some day to Halloween knickknacks? Do you have boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations that include everything from table runners to ornaments to received Christmas cards you may use for a craft project someday?

Now the real question, do you know what is in each one of these storage bins, so well, that you can pluck out the ornaments, or the cards, or the Halloween decorations? If you answered yes, stop reading. You are very well organized and don’t need to read this article. However, if you, like 99% of the population, have lots of bins, but not lots of knowledge of what’s in those bins, keep reading.

I’m hearing you in the background saying, “I have a solution. It’s called a permanent marker.” Sure, you could write all over the bins. But that would look terrible. Just ask me. Plus, if you’re like the rest of us, what happens when you decide to get rid of that holiday dishware one year, and then you want to use that bin for the clothes you grew out of when Clinton was President but will someday fit into again?

If that happened, you’d need to cross out what you wrote as the original contents and add a new line of copy. And you thought it looked messy before?  This would look even worse. If like many of us, you have terrible penmanship, forget it. Yes, yes, that’s what I did with my permanent marker, with my terrible penmanship. Yes. it looked terrible, trust me. 

Instead, there is a perfect solution at C-Line that will help you identify what is in your storage bins. Self-Adhesive Labeling Pockets are perfect for this challenge. All you have to do is print the contents in large type on the cards, making them easy to read. If you change your mind about what the bins will contain later, just create a new card. Keep all your old cards for later in case you need them again. What a perfect solution! Plus, it looks terrific. Judge for yourself.

My list of Box Labels includes:
For Sale
Xmas Décor
Xmas Ornaments
Xmas Angels

In the future I can see adding these labels to boxes, so I’m much more organized. It should make it much easier to move when I do:
Clothes—too large
Clothes—too small
Halloween Décor
Xmas Boxes / Bags / Wrapping
Spring-Summer-Fall Hats
Winter Hats/Gloves
Winter Scarves

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