Two Patterns: UColor Two-Pocket Coloring Folders

An article on CNN Health states that the American Art Therapy Association has determined that “making and creating artwork” is on par with mental health therapy. Art therapy allows people to learn, improve and express themselves. But art therapy and coloring are a bit different because with art therapy there is a therapist involved.

Nonetheless (how often does one get to use that word anymore?), the article states that “Coloring definitely has therapeutic potential to reduce anxiety, create focus, or bring [about] more mindfulness.” Doodling doesn’t appear to affect people in the same way. It’s recommended adults use colored pencils (as opposed to crayons) because the precision of the pencils benefits the exercise. “Like meditation, coloring allows the brain to switch off other thoughts and focus.”

C-Line Products CLI15207 UColor™ Two-Pocket Coloring Folders

You’re thinking, now I can go to my boss and say, “The C-Line Blog says I should be coloring today.” No, no, no. Read the article below and see if that gives you some insight into coloring. Then do some more research. And if you decide coloring is right for you then take it up. But please don’t throw us under the bus! If you do it at work (we’ve all had those days) do it during lunch. It might just be that you’re traveling for work. The strain of all those travel connections, might just stress you out a bit. Why not get some coloring books and relax while you’re on that flight, or that bus, or that train? But please don’t color and drive!

If you want to do some coloring while traveling, or at school, at home, or gasp—at work, buy some C-Line coloring folders. There are specific UColor Two-Pocket Coloring Folders for adults. And specific UColor Two-Pocket Coloring Folders for children.

To read the entire CNN Health article go here: Why adult coloring books are good for you.

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