Unique Hat Storage System Works in Many Closets

A friend, who recently moved, was discussing their difficulty in attempting to store things in their now smaller closet. An avid hat wearer, he claimed that the large hat rack he used in the past took up too much space in his closet, leaving him concerned on how to store his hats.

After speaking with friends about his dilemma, the solution became evident to him. As I am sure you can guess, he found a way to use one of C-Line’s products to solve his storage woes.

Who would have thought the Badge Holder Adaptor could function as a hat storage system?

C-Line's Badge Holder AdaptorC-Line’s Badge Holder Adaptor works great as a space-saving, storage system for baseball hats.

There are multiple ways to use this product in order to securely store hats. Basically, the deciding factor is up to each individual based on their particular closet. However, I will explain how my friend used it.

In this particular case, my friend has a standard wire shelving unit that is used to store and hang clothing items. Once moved in, he found that there was additional hanging space on the shelf unit, which is where he decided to store his hats.

He took the vinyl snap-on strap and connected it directly to the shelf by wrapping the strap around the wire. Once the button clasp is secured, then the badge adaptor is set in place.

In order to attach the hat to the adaptor, he used the nickel-plated steel bulldog clip. The clip will grip onto the back portion of the hat. This will avoid any damage from occurring to the hat.

This item works perfect for this type of closet, but the idea can still be tweaked to fit other shelving configurations. By using one of C-Line’s Neck Lanyards, the hats could be stored on a badge adaptor. Instead of securing them to the shelf, they would be connected to the lanyard, which could be secured on a thicker shelving unit.

Although the variations to this system seem somewhat endless, it is remains to be a viable system that can be implemented into a wide range of closets. Not only does it provide a storage option for limited spaces, but it also makes hats more visible to the individual.

What are your thoughts on the C-Line’s hat storage solution? Share with us below.

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