Use a plastic business card holder to present gift cards

It would seem that that I am not the only person out there who takes a particular office product and creates a new use for it.

Over the holidays, my husband and I received a plastic gift card to a local restaurant. Instead of just throwing the card in a random envelope, the gift giver used a self-adhesive business card holder and attached the gift to a holiday card.

business card holder used as a gift card holderHere is the restaurant gift card my husband and I received over the holidays, attached directly to the greeting card with a self-adhesive business card holder.

Not only was this presentation more attractive, but it made the idea of receiving a gift card seem more thoughtful. Think about it, anyone can go out and buy someone a gift card. But, by putting it in a plastic holder and adhering it to the greeting card, a little something extra was added to the already wonderful present.

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