Use binder sheet protectors to get your plans in order

Right now is the time in the year where we have a short moment to pause and regroup before beginning numerous fall projects in the department. One of these projects will include data collection and analysis to help with our plan for 2011. The data hub for these projects resides in a few binders that sit in my office. (Yes, I know we are in the technological age and there is constant talk of a paperless society, but like it or not, paper still rules most offices.)

These binders contain a compilation of data sheets, spreadsheets, research papers and more. Many of them are multi-page documents that need to stay that way and putting each individual page of the printout in its own holder is just not practical for these purposes. So I use our high capacity binder sheet protectors.

The heavyweight poly sheet protectors are wonderful for holding larger reports, plans or documents that need to stay together. For instance, we keep spreadsheet printouts that we reference frequently in meetings. It is easier to pull the pages from the sheet protector and flip through them and write notes where necessary.

binder sheet protectors

Here is a picture of what last year’s binders and binder sheet protectors look like – lots of documents, neatly filed away for easy reference during the planning and implementation stages.

Do you have an annual autumn or end-of-summer ritual that you do at home or in your office? If so, please comment below.

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