Variety of vinyl ticket holders keep you organized in rugged work settings

Last month, I told you about the variety of industrial products available at C-Line, which included shop ticket holders. But did you know that there are many more vinyl ticket holders in the C-Line product line?

Wide Assortment of Vinyl Ticket Holders Available

C-Line features one of the largest lines of job ticket holders in the industry, meaning there is a product to meet your document storage needs, no matter what work environment you are in.

The many varieties of shop ticket holders include:

Stitched (or sewn) Neon Welded
Magnetic Zippered Self-adhesive
Clear envelopes
Vinyl Ticket Holders Assortment
C-Line’s vinyl ticket holders offer durable storage for all your documents in the roughest work settings.

All holders are made from vinyl, making them extremely durable and long-lasting. In an industrial setting, papers and records can be exposed to harsh environments, meaning they might not last that long. But these vinyl holders allow you to keep documents and related materials, such as instruction manuals, keys, samples, etc., organized and stored without worry of dirt or water to destroy them.

Want to know even more about these holders, check out this informative article which tells you everything you ever wanted to know about shop ticket holders.

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