Vinyl envelope variety meets all your storage needs

Did you know about the vinyl envelope variety available at C-Line? We are well-known for sheet protectors, name badge holders and shop ticket holders, but also have a full line of reusable vinyl envelopes too! I have mentioned them before, in previous posts, but have never devoted an entire entry to these handy pouches.

Clear ‘N Sturdy Vinyl Envelope

The variety of sizes and styles means there is a vinyl envelope available for all your storage needs.

The Clear ‘N Sturdy reusable vinyl pouch comes in so many sizes that you can find a use for practically anything. For over-sized documents, there’s the 9 x 12 size for that. And for your letter-size papers, there’s the 8 1/2 x 11 size for that.  And what about those gift cards you received for your birthday, there’s the 2 1/4 x 3 1/2 size for that as well.

Also, they are available with and without a flap to lock the contents in place. A co-worker uses the 9 x 12 to store papers in her briefcase. Since she may need to access something in the envelope rather quickly, she chooses to not use a flapped pouch. But, another person I know travels with his passport in one of the envelopes. To keep it safe and secure, he uses the item with a flap.

Do you use any of these vinyl envelopes? If so, what size do you prefer and how do you use it?

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