Vinyl Envelopes Eliminate the Need to Carry Bulky Items

I recently spent a long weekend on the sunny coast of Florida. Apart from relaxation, I wanted to soak up as much sun as possible. I became a regular at the pool and visited a couple beaches, so that I could accomplish this goal.

When preparing for the pool or beach, I would do the typical routine that many of us are accustom to. Grab your towel, double check for sun tan lotion and stock up the cooler. Unfortunately, by the time I was ready to go, I had way more things to carry then I could handle.

The one thing that became somewhat obsolete during the preparation was my bulky purse. All I really needed out of it was my ID and debit card, which could easily fit in another bag.

Thankfully, I had thought about this prior to my trip, and decided to check out the C-Line Products sample room to see if there was any solution to my dilemma.

Clear N' Sturdy Vinyl Envelopes

Here is an example of what a driver’s license would look like in C-Line’s Clear N’ Sturdy Vinyl Envelope.

Clear N’ Sturdy Vinyl Envelopes with Flap was exactly what I needed, and it could easily fit in any bag or pocket. Although there are various sizes of the reusable envelopes, the 2 ¼” x 3 ½” would be the most compact option, which would be able to fit ID or credit card sized items.

The envelope is made out of heavyweight, durable vinyl. It is closed on three sides with a thumb cut on the top for easy access. The additional flap protects the contents from dirt and moisture, which makes it even more ideal for the pool environment.  It also secures the items in place so they do not shift or slip out of the envelope while in use.

Its size makes the envelope a definite space saver, which can be convenient in variety of situations. Beyond the pool, the Clear N’ Sturdy Vinyl Envelope can be used for protection of your work ID badge, or as a way to store credit cards that may not be used regularly. Since the envelope is made out of heavyweight vinyl, it will not crack or yellow with age.

Additionally, I found that the envelope made items much easier to get to, which was especially helpful when traveling. Instead of rooting through my purse to find my wallet, I was able to grab the envelope, which was located in an easily accessible side pocket. This made checking-in and going through security at the airport a breeze!

Utilizing the smallest vinyl envelope that C-Line Product has made life a lot easier on my weekend away.

Check out all of C-Line Products’ Clear N’ Sturdy Envelopes! The sizes vary up to 9” x 12” and they all have the option of coming with or without the flap.

How have you used the Clear N’ Sturdy Envelopes? Comment below, and let us know!

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  1. Tommy Says:

    Ever lose your wallet in the sand? what a mess, I hope to never lose it in the ocean. At we recently took a field trip to the beaches of Alabama, if was wonderful!!

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