Vinyl Pocket Expands to Give Extra Storage in Binders

So you have put together your presentation using C-Line’s binders, sheet protectors and tabbed index dividers. And, now the question is how to store the supplemental items that need to be brought to your meeting.

Things like catalogs, pricers, small samples and additional presentation materials need to be stored in order to avoid losing anything on the way to the meeting. The ideal situation would be to find something that keeps the presentation binder and all other extra materials together.

C-Line has a unique Super Capacity Sheet Protector that is able to add more storage space to binders by allowing the vinyl pocket to store a variety of objects.

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Look at how much I fit in the Super Capacity Sheet Protect, and it’s not even full!

Although the specialty sheet protectors come in both letter and legal sizes, the letter size will work best with the three-ring binder that your presentation is currently in. The gusset pocket expands to hold up to 200 sheets of paper, which allows you to store quite a bit.

Another reason why the holder can store so much is that it is not like a typical sheet protector.

Although it is top loading, there is a tuck-in flap that opens up to reveal the opening of the sheet protector. The flap keeps documents and other materials secure. This unusual design makes all the contents of the sheet protector more accessible without having to take everything out to sort through it.

As with C-Line’s other sheet protectors, both sizes are pre-punched so that the documents can be preserved yet still fit into a binder. The letter size is three-hole punched to fit into a standard three-ring binder, while the legal size is 7-hole punched to accommodate a three-ring or four-ring binder.

This pocket is an ideal storage compartment regardless of what material you need to bring to your presentation. Store everything from hand-outs to samples from catalogs to product order forms.

What will you store in the Super Capacity Sheet Protector? Comment below and let us know!

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