Vinyl pocket provides protection to oversize papers

Need a way to protect, store or deliver over-sized papers and certificates? A customer of ours did and came up with the solution of using a vinyl pocket.

He frequently has to print large 11″ x 17″ certificates and planning documents at his office, then transport them to the client’s office. Sometimes, the document has to be printed on delicate materials, such as parchment paper. And he had to do that and get the papers there without wrinkles, crinkles and unwanted folds. So, he tried out the 11″ x 17″ stitched vinyl shop ticket holder.

He found that the vinyl holder protected the papers without any extra fuss. Because the holders are made of durable vinyl, they last longer than other paper options. With the ability to reuse the pockets over multiple deliveries, they are also an economical alternative.

By looking at a vinyl pocket for his solution, he found a sturdy holder that could withstand the usual rigors of transport, and save him money at the same time.

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