Vinyl sheet protectors offer strength and durability

Many people know about polypropylene sheet protectors, but do you know about the vinyl variety too? In fact, the first sheet protectors sold were not made of polypropylene, but rather from other materials like vinyl.

The Benefits of Vinyl

Vinyl sheet protectors
Vinyl sheet protectors provide you strength and toughness in the protection of all your documents.

Vinyl sheet protectors provide you with strength while providing protection and preservation of all frequently used documents, letters, reports and more. Each holder is constructed from long-lasting and tough vinyl material, protecting all of your high-use materials.  The vinyl also features clean hole punching, on the clear binding strip, which makes them easier to load into three-ring binders. Each protectors’ unique shaped corners help with quick and easy page turning. With clear and non-glare finishes and  weights in super heavy and heavy available, the choice is up to you for document protection.

New Type of Vinyl Protector

Super Capacity Vinyl Sheet Protector With Tuck-in Flap
Super capacity vinyl sheet protectors with a tuck-in flap expand to hold up to 200 sheets of paper.

The standard vinyl sheet protector only holds two sheets of paper, but that is not a problem with the super capacity vinyl sheet protector with tuck-in flap.  This nifty new item (introduced to the world in 2007) features is a clear, heavy-duty vinyl pocket to keep documents safe in one holder. The gusseted pocket design expands to hold papers, catalogs, magazines, and more – up to 200 sheets! Also, there is a tuck-in flap to keep everything from falling out. The letter size version easily fits into all your standard 3-ring binder.  And the legal size one… well, you may have already ready about that one earlier this month, when I blogged about legal size sheet protectors. If not, that sheet protector is specially 7-hole punched to fit either 3-ring or 4-ring legal binders.

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