Vinyl ticket holders keep C-Line organized

Last month, I posted the ways vinyl ticket holders are used at C-Line, to keep the company organized.  At the time, the pictures I had taken of those uses, were stuck in my phone.  Today, I am happy to present the ways we use these durable and versatile vinyl holders, now available in photos.

hanging ticket holder keeps sample room in order
The two pocket hanging ticket holder is used in our sample room. It holds a product catalog, in the large pocket, for employees to reference and a notepad and pen, in the smaller pocket, to write down products that need to be restocked.
Magnetic vinyl holder keeps our factory area safe
Here is a magnetic ticket holder with a sign about keeping this door closed at all time, for safety reasons. Behind it is our manufacturing facility.
Self-adhesive vinyl holder holds employee notices
This self-adhesive pocket holds a State of Illinois notice and is posted on the wall, near other employee notifications, such as labor laws and fare wage regulations.

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