Welded shop ticket holder proudly proclaims announcements

You’ve read about how a shop ticket holder is great for industrial environments, but did you know that the self-adhesive version of the welded shop ticket holder has a another use, in the bathroom?!?!?

I know what you are thinking, “what is she talking about?” But think about it, how many times have you been in the restroom at a community center, school or restaurant and seen signs posted in the bathroom stall or next to the paper towel dispenser? This is the one place where you are typically not distracted by conversation with others or busy responding to emails.

These notices appear so frequently that we no longer think it odd to see advertising or information communicated in public bathrooms. Consumers that I have spoken with use the self-adhesive shop ticket holder to announce specials, promotions and events to their customers, students and visitors.

The durable vinyl holders feature welded, non-rip seams which will withstand weekly announcement changes. The entire backing is self-adhesive, so the holder will stick to any flat, clean surface.

Next time you need to post a sign that will stay put and get noticed, take a tip from some C-Line customers and post yours in a self-adhesive vinyl holder in the restroom.

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