What’s your color?! Seven Colors and What They May or May Not Mean About You

Let’s talk about color. C-Line has it. You want it. Come get it!

In what? Well, just about everything. But we have a lot of colors in our Two Pocket Heavyweight Poly Portfolio Folders. You can check out the video here. We also have similar colors in our Recycled Two-Pocket Paper Portfolio Folders. You can check out the video here.

As we’re all aware, sometimes color choices are limited and the color we choose means more about the available choices than the choice we’d actually make if given another choice. Let’s talk specifically about these seven colors: Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, and Black.

Based on research on the site Psychologia most people have two or three colors they gravitate toward. And these colors impact their choices and behaviors and feelings. You can read more about it on that site, but below are some of the meanings behind the colors.


An assertive, daring person who is full of physical energy. An action-oriented person. Someone full of ambition. Red is not, however, as has been rumored, the most driven car color.

Poly Folders


Simple, open, pure. Perfection. Innocence. Brides wear white. Optimistic. Sell-reliant. Independent.


Loyal and sincere. Calm. Blue makes you appear honest and trustworthy. Wear blue to important business meetings including job interviews.


Perfectionists. Dreamers. Good sense of humor. Goal-oriented.


Loyal and caring. Good listeners. Learners. Good partners.

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Very social. People who enjoy being around people. Have lots of friends. Undisciplined unless they are passionate about it.


Strong-willed and independent. Sophisticated. Serious, confident, introverted.

Much like astrology, colors may or may not mean anything about us. But it never hurts to try and be who you want to be.  So, if you’re trying to evoke one of these emotions, or feelings, or portray yourself as a certain type of person, why not try using color in what you wear or the products you use.

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