Wooden Badge Holder is a Great Classroom Item

It seems like at the beginning of every school year, we hear of all different ways teachers are using our products in the classroom. Some use them to benefit the students in their studies, and others use them to stay organized in the classroom.

Recently, I was contacted by an elementary school teacher who wanted to explain her use of the Wooden Name Badge Holder. Traditionally, this item is used at events and trade shows to display badge holders. This teacher, however, used it in a slightly different way for her classroom.

She explained that a big part of her students’ Monday morning routine was learning what job assignment they had for the next two weeks. In the past, she used charts and other methods to deliver this information. This school year, she wanted to test out something different.

Her school required that the students wear name badges throughout the school day, so she thought about incorporating their weekly job directly on that name badge. This would eliminate kids from forgetting what their duties were, since it would be written on their badge.

C-Line's Wooden Name Badge HolderThe Wooden Name Badge does not take up much space, but is still fits entire classes’ name badges.

At the end of every week, the students would place their badge holders on the Wooden Name Badge Holder. Leaving the badges in the classroom would also help avoid the kids from losing the holders or leaving them at home, which was a problem last year.

When it was time to rotate jobs, the teacher would assign jobs to the students before they arrived. To reduce the amount of time this would take, she had a saved name badge template with all of her students’ names on it. Using the same document made it easy to run through the kids and adjust the jobs that were listed on each badge.

This teacher would then print out the name badges and replace the old ones still located in the badge holders. Since they were being stored on the Wooden Name Tag Holder, it made it quicker to slide the old insert out and replace it with the new one.

Although it had only been a few weeks, the teacher thought this new method made a big impact on his kids. Having their job on the badge helped students remember what their duties were which was especially important at the beginning of the year.

The Wooden Name Badge Holder, which fits up to 40 badges, was a perfect location to store student badges. This was the first time the teacher had them keep their badge holders in the classroom, but it ended up helping to keep the holders in good condition and avoided the kids forgetting them at home.

Who knew this product could be so useful in this environment! How have you seen the Wooden Name Tag Holder used in the past? Share with us your comments below.

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