Write-on project folders provide gift-giving organization

If you have been following this blog for some time, you will know that I tend to be a highly organized individual. In my family, there are seven children, including spouses, to buy for.  So to alleviate some of the shopping stress, we do a grab bag. After we pick names, each person sends out their holiday wish list, and their “secret Santa” gets some or all of the items (we have a $100 limit).

It just so happened that this year, my husband and I each picked people who had quite lengthy lists.  So to organize the lists and other gifts ideas, I used the write-on project folders – one of my favorite products!

Organize your holiday plans with project folders
Write-on project folders help keep order during the gift giving season. The folders above were marked for some of the presents I bought for this year.

With the write-on tabs, I could easily name each folder for each gift recipient. Plus, the colors let me quickly identify each project folder and the contents. The added organization will also help if any of the recipients have a problem with their gift. For instance, if the shirt for Brad is too small (he wanted one he saw online, not in a store) or the iTunes gift card for Steve wasn’t loaded properly at the store, the receipts will be in the folders; no hunting around for loose papers.

Do you have a specific way you like to stay organized throughout the holiday season? Tell me in the Comment section below.

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