Write-On Project Folders – The NEW “It” Office Accessory

Write-on Project Folders

Write-on Project Folders feature a write-on tab to help you divide, organize and color code your projects and tasks.

Have you met the Write-on Project Folder?  If you’ve read this blog from the beginning, you will know about it. If not, here’s your introduction.

Write-on Project Folders are these genius folders that can be used in everyday office life. Although I love my PaperPro stapler and Kleer-Fax docuNotes tabs, I don’t use them everyday to organize or enhance my efficiency. But I do always have several of these stylish, colorful folders with me at all times.

Each folder holds up to 100 pages, which is perfect. If the folder gets too full, I know the project needs a bigger home because I will never be able to find what I need when I need it. Ever try to sift through a stack of 100 papers looking for a particular product listing sheet or sales matrix? Yeah, it’s not that fun. When that happens, I switch to an expanding file with a zipper or 13 pocket expanding file, depending on my needs. So, helpful to my office routine? Check!

And, if I have to only carry vital information with me for a meeting or seminar, this helps me to prioritize the most important items to take with. If you could not already tell, I have a habit of wanting have all information available to me at all times.  Keeps me well-organized? Check!

I also use this product to color-code my hanging file folders in drawers and file cabinets. You can write the task, project title or subject of the folder on the write-on strip with pencil, ball point pen or permanent marker, any of which I always have handy. Convenience factor high? Check, again!

On my desk, I keep two or three in an easy-to-reach spot (by the phone) to quickly access materials. The folder is always for this particular type of information and labeled accordingly, like “Pending”, “To Be Filed”, “Messages to Return”, “Prospects” , etc. I select a different color for each folder so that the correct folder can be immediately grabbed when I need it. Efficiency increased? Yes, check!

Using this product has lead me to be well-organized, more efficient, plus the product is helpful and convenient to my daily business life. What’s not to love? Like I’ve said before, this product is truly one of the best products for any office. Enjoy!

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