You Never Knew You Needed It: But You Do! The Reasons You Need the C-Line O-Sheet

– Thank You for Enjoying our April Fool’s Joke –

You thought it couldn’t be done. At least it couldn’t be done by anyone except a huge electronics manufacturing company. Maybe Samsung, or even Apple. But it’s not so. C-Line has outdone themselves again this year. We have designed and produced one of the most innovative new products ever made, even more futuristic than the communicator, used on the Star Trek TV show in the 1960s, often touted as the originator of the cell phone.

What is it, you ask? Like last year’s Media Bias Detector Sheet Protectors, this design also uses a sheet protector as the base for our newest and most innovative product. One you cannot live without. One you won’t want to live without. We know we don’t. Like all our April 1st launches, this product is set to change the world.

It’s called an O-Sheet. The O stands for Optimized. Its full name is the C-Line Optimized Sheet. The O-Sheet allows you to have everything electronic in one sheet protector, in one place, when and where you need it. There are nine uses for the O-Sheet. It can be used as a sheet protector, a TV, a Tablet, a very smartphone, a video recorder, a voice recorder, a megaphone, a global translator, and an electronic billboard that can project a holographic image up to 40-feet high.

C-Line O-Sheet April Fools Day Joke Product
The O-Sheet sheet protector can almost do everything,
except bake a cake.

Fold it in half, write a phone number on the vinyl front and viola it’ll record the number into your phone book, plus make the call and translate it if it’s in a foreign language. Must have cell service to the area you are calling before making the call. It’s not magic, after all.

Small enough to fit folded into quarters inside your back pocket, but large enough to fit unfolded into a 3-Ring binder, this product is long on features, short on weight. You can almost do everything with it, except bake a cake. And we’re working on that!

Comment below and share with us your thoughts on this unbelievable product! For more information on the O-Sheet, check it out here.

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