Zip ‘N Go Envelope Great for Gift Giving Events like Showers

After attending a friend’s baby shower this past weekend, I found a new use for one of C-Line’s Zip ‘N Go Reusable Envelope. This event was complete with all the traditional things you typically have at showers. There were some games, good food and lots of presents.

As one of the mom-to-be’s good friends, I helped out during the gift portion of the shower by writing down what people bought. My friend handed me the shower cards, receipts and gifts cards to hold on to. Things became a little chaotic, making it hard to manage all the items she was giving me while tracking the gifts.

When all the gifts were opened, we gathered all the receipts and cards. Since there was nothing to really store them in, we ended up tossing them into a gift bag. My friend was concerned that some of the items would get lost, and that is when I remembered I had some C-Line products in my car that may be beneficial.

When I looked through the product, I decided that the Plaid Zip ‘N Go Reusable Envelope would be the best option to go with. When I finally had thought of this product, I realized how useful this polypropylene envelope would have been if I used it throughout the shower.

Instead of some cards being stored with the gift and others being given to me, the plaid portfolio provides one central location to store all of these important things. The expanding file can store documents up to 8 1/2 x 11 in size, so gift cards, receipts and cards would easily fit. Since the file has a gusset, it can expand to accommodate a growing file.

C-Line's Zip 'N Go Reusable Envelope, PlaidThe translucent front cover is perfect for storing a cover sheet, allowing you to identify what is being stored inside the reusable envelope.

The two-tone design features a stylish plaid pattern on one side and a translucent frosted look on the other side.  The zipper closure would ensure that everything stored in the file would allow you to safely store and transport all the shower related material.

What we should have done is use the file while my friend opened gifts, so the cards and other important items could have been placed directly in there to avoid anything getting lost. She even ended up storing a print-out of her complete registry, in addition to the gift tracking list that  I created at the shower in the reusable envelope.

Whenever my friend goes to write her thank you cards or return items, all the information about who bought what and gift receipts would be located directly in this file. This would eliminate her having to search through the numerous gifts to locate this information.

I think that this product would be beneficial at almost every event that involved gift giving. From kid’s birthday to bridal showers, the stylish Zip ‘N Go Reusable Envelope is the perfect storage place for the important receipts, gift cards and more.

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